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Upcoming gig

I will be performing an extract from “Hours and Days” as part of the opening event of 2011 Brighton Poetry Festival on Tuesday 22nd November. The event is organised by Pighog press as one of their Pigbaby events.

The event is described by the kind folk at Pighog as follows:

22 November
Neil Rollinson, Brendan Cleary & Susie Campbell, Red Roaster, 7.30 for 8pm
The first evening of Pigbaby sets the standard high with readings by three poets who synthesise autobiographical material into dynamic and unwaveringly frank accounts of human nature: the multi-award-winning Neil Rollinson, legendary Brighton poet Brendan Cleary, and the enthrallingly performative Susie Campbell.

Neil Rollinson is an unabashed poet of masculinity who unpacks the awkward concept of postmodern man though lucid explorations of autobiographical experience and with earthily descriptive yet poignantly weighted treatments of apparently unpoetic topics such as football and flying.

Rollinson makes an intriguing complement to Brendan Cleary, a spell-binding stage presence whose punk poems journey through the uncharted dregs of the human spirit in order to wrest free their side-splitting and unforgettable humour.

Susie Campbell’s poems explore the vertiginous energy of a subject who must write herself into existence through diary entries; secret journals that take wing through Campbell’s experience writing for the stage, and which make for a truly riveting live experience.

Tickets £5 (£3 concessions)

Available from the Pighog website

Red Roaster Coffee House
1d.‎ ‏St James‭’‬s Street
BN2‭ ‬1RE


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