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Luna 2012

For three weeks (last week in June, first two weeks in July), you will be able to visit the latest collaboration between myself, Liliana (ceramic artist) and Dominic (musician) at Bar Des Arts in Guildford (entry free).

For hundreds of years and across all cultures, the moon has been seen as mysterious and powerful, a lure for lovers, poets and lunatics, and a force governing tides and the harvest.  When man first walked on the moon, it was the high point of human optimism about our ability to conquer the universe with science and technology. But this soon turned to disappointment and mistrust as we learnt how we were poisoning our environment and using even Space as a dumping ground. So what, in the 21st century does the moon now mean to us? Has it lost its mystery now we know it is a desert of rock and dust? Or does it still retain some of its old allure? Does it still have power over our rhythms, our cycles and our dreams? Or is it an important new commercial resource?

Luna is a multi-media installation that plays with some of these ideas, exploring the power that the moon has always had over the human imagination and the way that, even now, it fascinates and eludes us. A collaboration between ceramic artist Liliana Montoya, poet Susie Campbell and sound-artist Dominic Shaw, Luna uses light, sound, poetry, ceramics and recycled electronic circuits to take the visitor on a journey, both literal and imaginative, through the mythology, the imagery and the science associated with the moon. The visitor follows the 13 stations of a lunar calendar for an interactive voyage through light and darkness that explores what the moon might mean to us now in 2012.


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