Rabbit Hole for Supernature


In Jubilee Wood
Stoke Park, Guildford
Friday 20th July – Sunday 29th July 2012

Supernature is a magical light, sound and sculpture installation which has been created by Mary Branson, Mat Clark and Metal Monkeys artists Debi and Jono Retallick. It was commissioned for the Olympic Torch Relay event in Guildford and will be open to the public from 23rd to 29th July 2012, at Jubilee Wood, Stoke Park, Guildford.
It has been funded by Arts Council England, Guildford Borough Council, Surrey County Council, South Street Trust and Guildford Arts.
For further information, see http://www.supernature.org.uk

Rabbit Hole (Susie Campbell) & Heather Golding

Rabbit Hole is Susie Campbell’s show for Supernature.  It is a short exploration  of some of the personal, political and cultural meanings of nature and art. Susie Campbell is Guildford-based. She writes poetry and prose for performance and for the page. She is interested in the creative potential of language, autobiography, psychology and folk tradition. She has taken shows to the Edinburgh Fringe and other festivals and has just finished performing her one-woman show ‘Hours and Days’ at this year’s Brighton fringe festival. 

Plus Heather Golding has an extraordinary voice.  Using sounds rather than words, her singing has been described as the language of the soul, ‘ancient earth language’, voice of truth, ’Light Language’ and the language of colour.

One night as my daughter was almost asleep, she asked me a beautiful question which is the inspiration behind my singing….”when we are born we are all taught to speak this language,when do we get to share our own?”


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