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News and Updates Autumn 2012

My big news is that I have just started the Mst in Creative Writing at Oxford.

It is odd that it seems so natural that musicians should go to music college, actors to drama school, artists to art college etc but yet the idea of going to writing school still sounds a little strange. Of course there are some great musicians, actors and writers who have never been to any of these things, but for many others it is a wonderful thing to have the opportunity to study their craft, learn a discipline and work within a structured framework. Anyway, I am loving it!

My second news is that one of my prose poems, first published in the recent edition of Shearsman, has just been published as part of the wonderful Carrie Etter’s ‘Sudden Prose Reprint’ series which you can find here:

Finally, I have signed up for nanowrimo – national novel writing month. That means writing a whole novel in November. (It might be easier to grow a moustache!) Wish me luck!


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