Luna – the book of the installation is here….

Image from the cover:


Exciting news! Our book of Luna arrived today! For those of you new to this blog, Luna is a multi-media installation created by ceramic artist Liliana Montoya, sound-artist Dominic Shaw and myself. Luna combines light and sound with sculpture using recycled electronic circuitry and ceramics – and a cycle of 13 poems based on the lunar calendar.

The exhibition of Luna was earlier this year in Guildford but we are hoping to take the installation to other venues in 2013. The book includes a CD of the soundtrack (it is a soundscape of music and the poems) and is going on sale for £10 but I have a few copies to sell for £5 if you contact me directly on or via this blog!

To whet your appetite, here is a short extract.  This is the moon for December:

Twelfth Moon. Oak Moon. We hunker down for the long night. Cover ears to the sound of trees popping. We cut mistletoe on the sixth night with silver knives. Pray to the spirit of the tree until the river loosens. It demands blood but we have run dry. Our fingers stiffen, feet plant, but we are not oak, our spirits rootless between earth and sky. 


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