Domestic Cherry 3 at Swindon Festival

Mabel's House Party launches Cherry!

Mabel’s House Party launches Cherry!

Bright pink cherryade, iced cup cakes, pineapple and cheese on cocktail sticks – where else could this be but Swindon on a chilly night in May? Mabel’s House Party was the fantastically cool and retro launch pad for Domestic Cherry 3 as part of Swindon’s 2013 Book Festival. I was thrilled when Hilda Sheehan (aka Mabel) included one of my prose poems in this year’s anthology. It was great to go along and read at the launch. Even better to hear the work of poets Anna-May Laugher, Judi Sutherland and Pauline Sewards and to see the work of artists such as Linda Black on the walls. We drank cups of tea in pretty china cups and glasses of fizzy lambrini. Outside a Polish beat-boxer asked if he could come in and join the party.  If he had, I am sure he would have been made most welcome. The folk at Domestic Cherry manage to combine edginess with kindness and a quirky charm – and they have produced some remarkable poetry anthologies in the Domestic Cherry series. To find out more and order a copy, see  (scroll down and click on the Domestic Cherry 3 icon).



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3 responses to “Domestic Cherry 3 at Swindon Festival

  1. I must get to one of these events sometime. I’ve recently started a blog (Bornagainswindonian) celebrating all the great things in Swindon – the arts and literature scene being one of them. Last year I went on the vintage poetry bus tour with Mabel and Barry Dicks and had the most fantastically surreal experience of my entire life. 🙂

  2. Sorry. Me again. Would it be okay if I link to this in my own blog? Not that I have much in the way of followers at the moment but hey, working on that one. I’m really keen to demonstrate thar Swindon is anything but soulless.

    Thanks and regards.


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