As good as a holiday



I won’t be taking a summer holiday this year as August is an extremely busy month for those of us involved in the implementation of the new Children and Families Act which comes into force at the beginning of September.  It is also the run up to the final hand-in date of work for my Creative Writing Masters degree.  If there is such a thing as an anti-holiday, that is what I am having.

In order to have a mental holiday, therefore, the only thing I can do is to take the occasional break from working on the novel to write something completely new. Even better than a holiday is the rush of starting on a new project – perhaps a short story, or a new poem. There is nothing like the excitement of breaking new ground or playing around with some fresh ideas. Even better, when I go back to the novel, the break away sometimes creates fresh insights or new ways of tackling problems.

So you can keep your tropical paradises, your beaches, your fabulous holidays – I am hardly jealous at all! – as long as I can have a few illicit weekends with a new project or two.





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