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Poetry and politics

So here we are in the final run up to the General Election. It is rightly preoccupying a lot of us. It is a massive decision with some big moral as well as economic issues at stake. Like many people, I am finding that campaigning and lobbying is taking up a lot of time and energy (by the way, look out for the big 38 Degree day of action in support of the NHS this Saturday, 25th April. If anyone’s in Guildford, we will be out on the street collecting signatures and then presenting the petition at 2pm outside the Guildhall! Or look out for similar action in a constituency near you! But if poets and writers can’t also be activists and protesters, who can? Well, a lot of other people of course – but you take my point!
See you on the other side.

flames background

In other news, I was thrilled by this recent review of THE BITTERS for  Sabotage Reviews.  It does that extraordinary thing of helping me to see my own work through fresh eyes and I am extraordinarily grateful for it. If you feel like finding your way over to it, you will find that the politics of poetry is its starting point.

There is also some exciting news in the pipeline about the follow-up to THE BITTERS and a poem coming out in the next edition of The Interpreter’s House.

Then, of course, there was Easter with all that chocolate to eat, and those hot cross buns… Busy times!


Use your vote wisely, my friends.


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