Postcard from the Pier

For my third mini-post, I thought I would write a postcard to you about my visit to the Carsten Holler exhibition ‘Decision’ currently showing on the Southbank. I am sure, like many people, I was attracted by the sight  of the gleaming metal slides serpentining their way down the side of the Hayward Gallery. I missed riding the slides at Tate Modern so I assumed the helter-skelter exit would be the best part of my visit. In fact, the whole exhibition, whilst not a particularly profound experience – I said yes at every conceivable decision-making opportunity –  gave me the same kind of thrill as the Coney Island boardwalk. I enjoyed the rickety, ratchetty, end-of-pier feel of it all. My favourite bit was the entrance: the dark, sensory-deprived thrill of a haunted house with its labyrinthine tunnels and unexpected twists and turns. That was genuinely unnerving and perhaps says something about what I like in art: a stumbling in the dark with the occasional slide into the light.

Wish you were here!


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