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News Bulletin

So our News Agents show finally aired on Saturday! It was a strange experience listening to it. After the initial discomfort  – is that my voice? eeugh I sound a bit posh. I don’t sound like that, do I? ….crikey I do!  – after quite a lot of that and similar, I found myself being sucked back into the conversation and wanting to join in all over again.  That’s what I enjoyed so much about the space Jude Cowan Montague has created in her News Agents show. Not just reading and listening to the poems but having a proper conversation about poetry and its particular engagement with the world.

I hope you enjoy it too.

The News Agents – 26th September 2015


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Just in…News Agents replaced by live feed…no casualties

Despite the headline, this story has a happy ending. Lucy Furlong and I arrived at Resonance FM nervously excited about our live show with the wonderful Jude Cowan Montague to find that due to some proper dynamic radio rescheduling, our News Agents show was bumped by a live feed from the Shetlands. (In case anybody wondered why I was in the Shetlands, rest assured I was still in Borough. ) However, although I am so sorry if anybody tuned in specially, we then were able to relax and do a slightly more leisurely pre-record. It was such a delight to meet Lucy and hear her read from her beautiful pamphlet Clew and to have a proper in-depth conversation with her and Jude about our work. Such a rare opportunity. I think that Jude has created something unique and rather wonderful in her News Agents show – reflecting her own personality and diverse talents. So despite the last minute change, I think it created a rather special opportunity for a meeting of minds and voices. I hope you enjoy it when it goes out. I certainly did, and having heard Lucy read and Jude sing, I think you’re in for a treat when it finally airs.

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A Trip to the News Agents on Resonance FM

Working women take  break

Working women take a break

I love this picture. Especially as it appears on the publicity  for the upcoming News Agents show this Saturday 19th September.  I am very excited as I have been invited to join multi-talented artist, writer, composer and performer Jude Cowan Montague on her weekly news-arts show for Resonance FM. The show goes out on a Saturday afternoon 2.30-3.30 on 104.4 FM but will also be available to download as a podcast on mixcloud. Jude has had a fascinating and eclectic group of guests on her show – for a flavour, have a glance at her blog for the show:

The other guest on the show this week will be Lucy Furlong, poet and, as she describes herself on twitter, Landscape Punk. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of her debut pamphlet clew published by Hesterglock Press. You can read about it here:

The idea for the show is that Lucy and I will be reading some poems and talking to Jude about our work and how it engages with issues that are in the news (or should be in the news). Jude will also be singing. I won’t be singing, just in case you are worried. The details are here:

I will be reading from The Bitters and from my new pamphlet The Frock Enquiry (due to be published by Annexe Magazine this Autumn). The relevance of the photograph Jude has used for the show should become apparent if you listen in. I do hope you will join me, Lucy and Jude. It should be fun. And serious. As a news-arts show should be.


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