Just in…News Agents replaced by live feed…no casualties

Despite the headline, this story has a happy ending. Lucy Furlong and I arrived at Resonance FM nervously excited about our live show with the wonderful Jude Cowan Montague to find that due to some proper dynamic radio rescheduling, our News Agents show was bumped by a live feed from the Shetlands. (In case anybody wondered why I was in the Shetlands, rest assured I was still in Borough. ) However, although I am so sorry if anybody tuned in specially, we then were able to relax and do a slightly more leisurely pre-record. It was such a delight to meet Lucy and hear her read from her beautiful pamphlet Clew and to have a proper in-depth conversation with her and Jude about our work. Such a rare opportunity. I think that Jude has created something unique and rather wonderful in her News Agents show – reflecting her own personality and diverse talents. So despite the last minute change, I think it created a rather special opportunity for a meeting of minds and voices. I hope you enjoy it when it goes out. I certainly did, and having heard Lucy read and Jude sing, I think you’re in for a treat when it finally airs.


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