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Museum of Futures Visual Poetry Exhibition Spring 2017

Museum of Futures Visual Poetry Exhibition 2017

Museum of Futures Visual Poetry Exhibition 2017


I am thrilled to have work included in this exciting exhibition coming up soon at the Museum of Futures. The exhibition is curated by poet and artist Steven J. Fowler as part of The Enemies Project series, in collaboration with Kingston University London and cool Surbiton venue, the Museum of Futures,

It is an exhibition of avant garde text art and visual poetry of various kinds. It includes work by some poets with whose work I am already familiar ( Lucy Furlong, Julia Lewis, Hannah Lowe etc.)  as well as many others I am excited to get to know. There is an launch event on February 23rd (more details to follow) and the exhibition will run until March 12th 2017.

My own piece is a multi-part visual poem, called ‘Suicide Is Not A Political Issue’. The title is a quotation from an article defending the government, claiming that suicides associated with the DWP and benefits assessments are entirely personal matters devoid of any political significance.  The visual poem that emerges is an attempt to disrupt a reactionary political narrative that tries to locate mental health problems (including suicide) totally within in the frailty of the individual psyche in order to deny any socio-economic responsibility. My piece takes as one of its starting points the image of  Ophelia, seeing her as a romanticised icon of madness and suicide, described by Shakespeare and later projected onto the suburban Surrey landscape in Millais’ famous painting.

Do drop in for the opening event or to the exhibition itself, if you are in the area or feel like a visit to the future….

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