About Susie Campbell

I write poetry and fiction, and have just completed the MSt in Creative Writing at Oxford University.  My chapbook The Bitters was published by Dancing Girl Press in Autumn 2014 and was nominated for the Ted Hughes award in 2015. My second pamphlet The Frock Enquiry was published by Annexe in October, 2015.

You can find me on Twitter at @susiecampbell


Book-binder Lucie hard at work



8 responses to “About Susie Campbell

  1. Pop Up Poetry Anthology for 2013, which contains work by poets who’ve read or performed their work at the monthly events at the Bar des Arts in Guildford between February 2012 and September 2013. The official launch is at the Bar on Tuesday 22nd October 2013 at 7.30 and the book will be for sale that evening at the special price of £6.00.

    • Hi Rodney. Hope all well with you! Will do my best to spread the word about the anthology! Exciting!

      • Susie,
        Like you I’ve won a prize. I came joint first in a competition last year and received £500 and earlier this year was shortlisted in the Poetry School Pamphlet Competition, plus I’ve read at the South Bank and the Poetry Cafe. Looking after granddaughter no 2 three days a week. Hope you feel as creative as usual.

  2. Congratulations, Rodney. That’s fantastic news. I hope you don’t mind but I have edited a sentence out of your recent comment as you may not have meant that for public view!

  3. Tommo

    Susie, this is an interesting distinction you make between commercial and literary fiction. Part of me thinks is this just the reality of a publishing world with declining book sales, where the novel is dead (to paraphrase a Will Self article from several months ago) and those that publish know the wolf sits at the door?

    There also seems so much cross-over in genres these days; Musicians see their work in stage musicals; authors and dramatists their words in moving pictures.

    I keep coming back to the word “connect”. The best art in any genre does this. I hope, really hope, that there remains an overlap between the literary and the commercial where the literary connects. Conversely, if the literary is unable properly to connect, is that not a commentary in itself? That’s not to say the work has no merit – on the contrary – but it is to acknowledge that it doesn’t push all of the buttons which remind ourselves of what it means to be human.

    Musings and thought download over ! The proof will be in the pudding. Does this post connect?

  4. Rodney Wood

    Like you Susie I’m writing a book and have drafted about 40,000 words so far. The publication business seems so different now (with the rise of the digital book etc). There is a helpful little group that meets in Guildford every couple of months for a talk (the last was in Waterstones) and a chat in thge pub. http://www.write-time.co.uk/

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