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#Vispo Opening Event: New collaborations

Photograph by Alexander Kell

Photograph by Alexander Kell

The opening of the Museum of Futures Visual Poetry Event was celebrated by the Futures Camarade: a collaborative poetry performance curated by Steven J Fowler, The Enemies Project.  Pairs of poets performed new collaborative work created for the occasion. The Museum of Futures was packed for the opening night to enjoy a first look at the exhibition and to appreciate the poetry collaborations.The performances were wonderfully varied, eccentric, funny, serious and creative! Videos of all the performances and some beautiful photographs of the event, taken by Alexander Kell, can be found here:



Two Metres

…of soil by Lucy Furlong and Susie Campbell

I was lucky enough to be paired with Lucy Furlong. Our piece was both a celebration of soil – its richness and its fundamental importance to sustaining life – and an engagement with how easily it can be neglected, exploited and damaged through activities such as fracking. It was important to us to create for the audience some direct experience of the smell, texture and properties of soil both through utilising a layered/unfractured poetic form and through bringing ‘two metres’  of soil into the venue. Two metres is the average depth of top soil in the UK and is one of the reasons why graves are traditionally dug to a depth of six feet. As you will see from the video, it was not actually two metres but it was certainly nearly ankle-deep. We chose to buy a bag of top soil rather than dig our own to avoid accidentally killing any worms or beetles or roots inhabiting garden soil. After performance, the audience were invited to take away a handful of soil (in a recyclable paper envelope!) sown with the seeds of bee-friendly wild flowers and encouraged to plant in their own gardens or an appropriate public space (we donated the rest to a local pub garden then did some ‘guerrilla gardening’ in the neighbourhood with the remaining crumbs of earth. Hopefully by the summer, those wild flowers will be springing up all over London.)

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